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Paride Raspadori, Green Manager.
To nurture your company’s future.

The Green Manager helps your Company to respect the environment and make profit from it.

A growing number of well-educated people who are interested in culture and economics choose to respect the environment when buying goods or services. This new group of consumers is constantly growing – not only in new markets such as China, but also in the United States and in Europe, including Italy. For them, caring about the environment is a must. Any company can find a brand new market if they start to think “green”. This is what the Green Manager does: he takes care of everything it needs to relocate your firm and your products into an active market, one that has a future. Probably the only possible one.

Here is a short list of what the green manager does to carry out a green-oriented strategic repositioning: Eco-planning; LCA – Life Cycle Assessment; green marketing; starting up green production; brand reputation; marketing.

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