How does the Green Manager work?
He manages and directs all the activities that initiate the company’s strategic repositioning.
He starts the procedures to obtain national and international public founding.
He cooperates with qualified professionals, in every step of his job.
He makes use of all the resources at his disposal.
He starts up the production and marketing of new green products in a constantly growing market.
He creates a strong Brand Reputation that ideally supports the company’s new value.

The Green manager is a Temporary Manager.
The Green Manager works together with the firm’s management to define the company’s strategic repositioning in the green market.
The Green Manager works for the company for a variable time span – the duration depends on the analysis of the company’s status quo.
After starting up and running the project, the Green Manager can keep on collaborating as an external consultant.

The Green Manager starts up the green production.
He finds and activates the right productive chain.
He locates potential markets.
He gets new products going.
He organizes training for commercial personnel.
He turns ideas into real marketing actions that promote the green value of products.
He controls the company’s communication strategy to promote sales.


The Green Manager creates a good Brand Reputation.
He improves the environmental governance of the firm’s activities, products and services.
He studies the company’s Carbon Footprint and enhances its improvement.
He develops new strategies to upgrade the company’s energy consumption.
He organizes internal training courses.
He develops marketing actions and controls the related communication.