Be Green Oriented. Your future is green.

Green market is the market. It is today’s market and, above all, tomorrow’s. Four out of five consumers declare they buy green goods and services, even in the middle of one of history’s darkest recessions*.
*research published by Green Seal, a no-profit organization working with certified products and social marketing.

Brand Reputation. Reliability is wealthy.

A lot of companies have already understood that reliability is extremely important when purchasing “green”: 21% of the interviewed said that the reliability of a product – and of the company manufacturing it – is the most relevant factor when deciding what to buy.
*Valerie Davis, EnviroMedia managing director.

Why should you introduce your company into the green market

 To diversify your production. To enter a growing market, where future is reality and products are already innovative. To give a successful future to your company.

How to start the company’s change towards the green market?

Working with the Green Manager. Your company can keep on working on current projects while a qualified professional is giving life to your firm’s future business, without diverting the attention from already running plans.