Green-oriented strategic repositioning.
Green-oriented strategic repositioning means setting out the gradual transformation of the company’s activities, behaviors and production towards a new, constantly growing market.
It also means establishing a brand new value with the potential to create new business opportunities and lead your firm into the future.
Building a Brand Reputation.
The final product should be convincing in the eyes of the consumer in order to be successful on the Green Market. Only a credible company can promote credible products.
Therefore, it is essential to start up a process that gradually shapes the company’s role as an active champion for the environment while complying to ISO 14001 standards.
The repositioning agenda should include the calculation of the company’s Carbon Footprint and the subsequent reduction of the impact on the environment, as well as a visible improvement of energy consumption.
The Green Manager will work for the improvement of Brand Reputation while pursuing the goals set for 2012 in the Kyoto protocol.
For all those who are already green oriented, the setting up of Brand Reputation is of utmost importance.